2012 Wrap-Up!

2012 proved to be a pretty successful year. I achieved several goals:


In CrossFit, I got my 300# Deadlift, got my first handstand pushup, and got my first full depth squats on my heels and my first overhead squats. The only thing I missed was learning to do handstands.


In rafting, the year was a phenomenal success. I added the Russell Fork, the Savage, the New, the Yough, the Chattooga and Tallulah Gorge to my repertoire thanks to some awesome friends and a wonderful boyfriend.


Speaking of which, this year was the first time I’ve ever had an official boyfriend, and what an incredible journey it is to be with Caveman. He’s an awesome guy who never ceases to amaze me.


As for holidays, this year’s Halloween was my favorite all around – from my favorite Cavewoman costume to the best Halloween party I’ve been to – it was a night to remember.


This year I got my first apartment / house, signed my first lease, and paid my first utility bills. Yes, I sometimes still miss my mom and dad, even though they are not far away.

2012 was a year of firsts and milestones, but none of these things were terribly life-altering. Truth be told, I spent the first 7 or 8 months coming back from the Marines just trying to make a game plan and reorient myself. Once again, I don’t know where I would have been without the river. Without CrossFit. My twin pillars, these are the structural elements of my life that keep me sane. Though I took some time off at the end of the year from CrossFit, I am back in the swing of things and am reminded how greatly a workout improves my disposition. The same is true of the water, and I confess that my spirit is languishing with the torrents of rain all around me when all I really long for is to be surrounded by a murky brown river at flood stage.

To conclude this post, I will make mention of a man who died this year – a stranger whose death inspired me more than any other event, possibly, ever… Jeff West, an expert paddler, died on the Grand Canyon of the Stikine last year in the way I think we all hope to eventually go – “In the Exercise of Passion.”


Which reminds me of one final thing – I believe this is the year I will take up yoga. I long for a deeper connection to my body, a greater flexibility, and focused times of meditation. I had thought I would take up climbing, but realized once again that my interests must be limited in order to achieve the greatest results. CrossFit and rafting commands enough of my free time. Still, I am lacking something in my fitness regimen – something spiritual I think – and while yoga may not be the answer, it might be a good place to begin the quest.

Heaven help me if it turns out to be a studio of lulu-lemonheads…


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