Top 14 from 2014


1. The Grand Canyon

I spent eleven of the most amazing days of my life guiding a raft through these canyon walls.


2. The Colorado Kanu Fest

The most surreal moment of 2014 — seeing a man drown on the river. Giving CPR to no avail. Despite all this, making new friends and falling in love all over again with the Rockies.


3. Leaving SupplyHog

I had vowed to myself that I would stay at SupplyHog for two years. I was so weary of changing jobs. I wanted to feel settled. All of the came undone when the company restructured their operations, and I left.


4. Starting Boho Studio

You see, I had made another vow to myself — that when and if I left SupplyHog, I would work for myself. Fail if I must, but at least try. I had to try.



5. Cutting my Hair

I loved my long hair. LOVED it. I cut my hair because…. well, just because. And now I love short hair, but I think I’m going to let it grow back out. Oh, and I got a tattoo: “Die Biting the Throat.”


6. Kayaking

I fully made the transition from raft guiding to kayaking this year. Finally bought my own boat. I don’t feel like I made a ton of progress. My roll has improved, I’ve run some rivers, but I’m still so far from where I want to be.


7. Visiting New York

My mom and I went to Queensbury, NY to visit my brother and his family. We picked so many apples!


8. Family Changes

My dad changed jobs after 30 years at Tennessee Temple & Highland Park. He is now working at Child Evangelism Fellowship, the perfect job for him. His new job required him to spend three months in Missouri at the Children’s Ministry Institute. Mom and I missed him a lot, but we were so proud of his 4.0 GPA when he graduated.


9. Cheoah in the Snow

It was like a winter wonderland. 11 miles of whitewater in the snow. Cold, but perfect.

cat chloe nala

10. The Zoo that is My House

There are always animals running around my house, and my backyard has become a mini dog park as neighborhood dogs come over to play. It’s never dull!


11. New Friends EVERYWHERE!

I met so many cool people this year and went to so many cool events — Society of Work’s 20’s party, TopCon, YPAC’s Southern Soiree, Startup Week, Tedx, Will This Float, Code & Creativity, Brown Bags + Brilliance, AIGA’s meetups. The list keeps going, but suffice it to say that Chattanooga is an awesome city.

10403523_10152973781055701_2874622688459806902_n 10750327_10152867987090701_1533305621935812248_o

12. Holidays, holidays, holidays

I love dressing up. What can I say?


13. Launched First Responsive Website

I had too much fun working on this puppy.

14. Stayed out of Debt, Paid all my Bills, Continued to Live Indoors & Feed Myself

This might seem like a small accomplishment, but I haven’t had a “real” job in eight months. I sold my work, I did the work and I formed a business that provided for my needs. This is truly all I could ask for. Now, bring on 2015!


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