Overall, I would say 2015 is the best year I’ve ever had in whitewater. So many goals were crushed and I’m really happy with how far I’ve come. It’s also been the best year of my career. The business is doing well, I’m developing leadership skills, and financially I’m in a better place than I’ve ever been. I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time in my life, went skiing for the first time in my life, watched a bear fishing in the lake, ate fresh blackberries, ran Oceana in a kayak, learned to bake a perfect red velvet cheesecake, and paddled the Ocoee in the pitch black as a meteor shower danced in the sky.

774959_10153839448415701_1491628841616896007_o (1)




Lots of Southeast Personal First Descents (PFD): White’s Creek, Daddy’s Creek, Cheoah, Tallulah, Richland, North Chick, McWhorter Gulf (kinda), an Ocoee night run, Chattooga Section IV.

I also took my first SWR class, support boated for Paddle School, and joined TVCC.




I took the coolest ever road trip to California / Colorado, went on my very first business trip to Raleigh,  attended WordCamp in Philadelphia, went skiing in North Carolina and visited my family in upstate New York & Vermont.

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I briefly lost my mind and joined Match.com. I had a few good dates, but mostly it was a disaster of epic proportions, a mistake never to be repeated. My favorite text from a guy said “Do mankind a favor and don’t ever date again. Go live in the woods or on your little boat…”

Hmm… Good idea, dude.



Meryl and I cooked almost every Monday night of 2015, and Rachel joined us a few months ago. We make a week’s worth of food at a time. It’s healthy, fun, efficient, and one of the best practices I’ve adopted as a single person in a very long time.



I am now on the board of Tennessee Valley Canoe Club and am the Chair of the Marketing Committee for Chattanooga Women’s Leadership Institute. I also joined the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce. It’s not a perfect resume, but I’m really working on building my credentials and my reputation in Chattanooga.


I started 2015 by taking the CoStarters business class. I went from having a sort-of business partner to going completely solo, and remained a sole proprietor

I attended Startup Week, Will This Float, WordCamp and many, many other events this year. I built 8 websites, 2 logos, and a lot of collateral pieces. I got a really good grip on HTML & CSS (a refresher from years past), and learned a heck of a lot about WordPress, hosting, security and dealing with clients.

I feel this overwhelming pressure to learn Javascript, which is really hard to do with so much else going on. It’s the number one thing holding me back. 



I finally got my CrossFit gym built. I managed to injure myself a few times trying to lift too heavy (oops), so it’s going to be a slow process to get to where I want to be, but I’ve got time and goals aplenty.



FAMILY & the Domestic Arts

I spent some quality time with my family and pretty much mastered the domestic arts. I can cook a complete Thanksgiving or Christmas meal, sew the basic stuff, fix a washing machine or dryer and remove a broken key from the trunk of my car. I finally got my own set of tools, make sure my car gets its oil changed regularly and pretty much have the “adulting” part of my life under control.


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